Conference Organization

Chair: Oliver Sng, UC Irvine

Co-Chair: Ahra Ko, Arizona State Univ.

You grow up with them, spend much of your life surrounded by them, and sometimes even create your own. Yet the psychological influence of family is far less studied that that of non-kin. We tackle four questions here: How do people identify kin? Do people prioritize goals of caring for kin? What happens when you live around many kin? What happens when historical events change kin relations?

Paper Presentation

Family matters: Rethinking the psychology of human social motivation.

*Ko, A., Pick, C. M., Kwon, J., Barlev, M., Krems, J. A., Varnum, M. E. W., & Kenrick, D. T.

Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana (Feb, 2020)

Sexually unrestricted women are perceived as having low self-esteem: First evidence for a pervasive persistent, robust (but unfounded) stereotype.

Krems, J. A., *Ko, A., Moon, J. W., & Varnum, M. E. W.

Society of Experimental Social Psychology Conference, Toronto, Canada (Oct, 2019)

Functionally calibrating life satisfaction: The case of mating motives and self-perceived mate value

*Ko, A., Suh, E. M., Shin, J., & Neuberg, S. L.

Human Behavior and Evolution Society Conference, Boston, Massachusetts (May, 2019)

Self-perceived mate value and happiness

*Ko, A. & Suh, E. M.

International Society for Quality of Life Research conference, Seoul, South Korea (Aug, 2016)

Romantic motives make the relative aspects of happiness salient

Shin, J., Suh., E. M., Kim, J., & *Ko, A.

Korea Social and Personality Psychological Association conference, Seoul, South Korea (May, 2015)

Poster Presentation

Is life satisfaction calibrated by self-perceived mate value?

*Ko, A., Suh, E. M., Shin, J., & Neuberg, S. L.

Human Behavior and Evolution Society conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Jul, 2018)

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